CMA Certification

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) credential demonstrates mastery of management accounting knowledge and skills.  It assures employers of your competency on the job to improve organizational performance.  Exclusively for IMA members, the CMA credential drives the career potential of candidates beyond their peers.  Prestigious, professional, and empowering the certificate; equally so, the process to attain the certification is rigorous and demands competency in all matters of control, analysis, financial planning and decision support.  Those who attain professional certification find reward in knowledge, increased utility on the job, and increased compensation.  Based on a 2016 study conducted globally, CMAs earn 61% more in median base salary and total compensation than their non-CMA peers.

For more information please see the Official CMA Certification website.  Additionally, information is available regarding the process to achieve Certification, knowledge expected of candidates, exam content, and benefits of Certification.